I finished grad school so I can blog again

The title here is very self-explanatory. I created this blog a few years ago when I was working full-time, had an income, and was able to explore my interests. Grad school being grad school.. Meant that I had no time for anything other than being miserable and suffering through grad school. JK. Grad school was an experience and I highly recommend it.

The categories at the top of my blog will be reworked in coming weeks, but revisiting my former priorities after a few years break might be a good place to begin again.

Fitness: When I last posted, fitness was much more of a priority. While I didn’t completely give up exercise in graduate school, I wasn’t able to maintain a consistent gym schedule. While I was living in Guatemala, I joined a boxing gym. I went three times a week and had a great experience learning how to box in Spanish. The gym is owned by a world class boxer and I never left a class feeling like I hadn’t had a fantastic workout.

Food: I managed to maintain keto from January 2018 to September 2018. During this time I lost 60 lbs, and gained ten back between September 2018 and July 2019. In August 2019, I started seeing a therapist who specializes in eating disorders to work on some long term solutions to some serious challenges that I have with food and body image. I’m not comfortable going into details on this subject, but if you want to talk please feel free to DM me. I have gained about ten pounds in this time (putting me at a total net loss of -40) but generally feel like I have more energy and less stress related to eating. This process has been incredibly stressful but I am looking forward to moving forward in the treatment and learning more about how to eat and maintain a healthy weight.

Travel: Since my last travel blog in August 2017, I have spent: One week in NYC, one week in Houston, one week in Nashville, three months in Guatemala, a short trip to DC, three weeks in Costa Rica, a week in England, two weeks in Chile, another short trip to New Mexico, and two more weeks in Costa Rica. I’m traveled out. For the remainder of 2019, I have plans to visit NYC and a flight to Germany with a stopover in Lisbon. I do plan to travel in 2020 (I have tickets to see Green Day in Vienna!) but I welcome any suggestions you might have to make it less exhausting.

Reviews: I really don’t care about reviewing products any more and that probably won’t be a thing going forward. I will leave my old reviews up because they generate a lot of traffic and some $$. I might review exciting new products (like the pair of Skims I got last week or my Yeezys!) but they’ll be few and far between, and probably not to generate revenue.

I will probably add the following categories: Ex-Pat Plans, Flower Photography, Mental Health Struggles and Successes, & Thoughts on Politics (maybe) and Public Policy.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reconnecting with the internet!

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