TBT: 11 Years Ago

The wonderful (horrible?) thing about the internet is that I can tell you exactly what I was doing when I was 17. In pictures. Ready?

In June I was hanging out in Missouri with an adorable baby who is now a 12 year old.

Then me and my friend Cassie went to Chicago. My hair is a huge struggle in every picture. Can anyone tell me why we wore tank tops like this? Probably for the boobies.


August looked a little boring. I took a LOT of selfies. Many of the selfies featured strongly held opinions which I shockingly still agree with today!

In September I got drunk. And felt it.

What were you up to 11 years ago?

One thought on “TBT: 11 Years Ago

  1. sarahshlensky says:

    11 years ago, I was with you and making up excuses to leave boring parties (“We have to go clean her dog’s ears”)

    Also, I had an awkward haircut and wore a lot of Abercrombie/Hollister.


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