What’s in my bag – Summer 2017


Hey nosy, interested in what I’m carrying around? Good, because I love these kinds of posts and I definitely want to know what you have in your bag, too.

I have been babysitting a lot the last few months and I seem to be always on the go. Because of this I carry around a lot of things that I would normally leave at home.. I also don’t get around to emptying out my bags as often as I should. I put 5 lip items in the picture.. But there are more. I won’t tell you how many.


Here is a general overview of what I’m hauling around. I did have time to do a general clean out this week so it’s not as bad as usual. However I do need to take some time this weekend to reduce the amount of beauty products I have and see what I can squish down. The only item that I did not picture is my medication because I don’t need you all THAT FAR in my business.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

As far as beauty items I am carrying around the Benton Honest TT MistBenton Honest TT Mist, which is a nice facial mist to use in the summer. It has tea tree oil (but no scent) and is very refreshing / good for breakouts. I also have the Too Faced Natural Matte palette, which is the first palette I bought and probably the one I will always have on hand.

As far as lip products, I have a Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella, Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, & 3CE Liquid Lip Color in #LowDown. I also have Biore UV Aqua Rich sunscreen, which is a good facial sunscreen to use as it does not contain acne triggers. I haven’t been using sunscreen as much this summer because I like having a little color, but I always use it if I know I’ll be in the sun for a long time. Sun burns are not good for you!


Two of my favorite purse items are my City Tin and my little iPhone fan. The City Tin was a gift to my mother that she passed on to me. It is a really cool project here in Madison that allows you to get $10 of any purchase over $25 at local restaurants. It’s an amazing deal. There is also a spinner inside that can help indecisive people make a decision about where to go.

The mini iPhone fan was a random find on State Street. It plugs into the charging port of the iPhone and works its magic. I am in love. It was a spur of the moment buy but no regrets, especially since it has already been so hot this summer.


Last but not least (because I’m not going to scare you with EVVVVERYTHING lurking in the depths of my bag) my planner and my new notebook. I bought this notebook a few weeks ago and my intention is to make a bullet journal. That has not happened. I would like it to happen. I would likely to retire my current planner, which looks like garbage, so that I can not look like a slob whenever I try to make plans. I also have a copy of Handmaids Tale (not pictured) which is the amazing book I am currently reading.

That’s it!

Please please please tell me (or even better, show me) what you have in your bag!

Curious to see how what I carry around has changed in the last year? Read my post from one year and four days ago. 

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