Weekly Exercise: June 12 – 18, 2017

This was a pretty good week for exercise! I am doing a much better job of forcing myself to workout even when I don’t want to.

Monday: I went to boot camp class and it was so unbelievably hot. The class itself was okay, but the temperature had been in the 90s all weekend and we could definitely feel it in the gym. We did a lot of cardio and strength training, and halfway through the class almost all of the other people were as sweaty and red as me. I’m usually the only person who looks like a boiled tomato at the gym, so that’s really saying something. When I was done I took a couple selfies.



Wednesday: I went to spin class. It was not eventful whatsoever.

Saturday: I had the weekend off so I finally got to go to a Saturday morning gym class. Anna and I went to Body Sculpt which focuses on dynamic strength training. It was a good class, though I never feel like I’ve done as much at this class as I do at any of the others I attend.



Torture tools

Anna and I took a cute selfie..


I significantly increased the number of days that I met my fitbit goal, which I’m really proud of. I met my goal 4 days and had a nice number of steps for the whole week.

And that’s a wrap! I’m glad that I worked out a bit, but do wish I had done more. This week I would like to meet my fitbit goal every day, add in a Thursday workout and try to find time for the gym during the weekend.

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