Weekly Exercise: May 29 – June 4, 2017

This was another not so eventful week of fitness.

Wednesday: I got off of work early for a doctor’s appointment and was able to make it to the gym by 4:30. Since I had extra time, I did lifting. I did 5×5 squats and 5×2, 3×3 overhead press. I was at 115lbs with my squat, and 50 with the overhead press. The 115 is high for me and it was exciting to use 35lb weights, but the whole ordeal mostly reminded me that I need to lift more frequently.

I also went to a 60 minute spin class. About 45 minutes through, I pulled a muscle in my leg. It started to spasm and then locked up and was super painful. I managed to peddle through it for about five minutes, but I left a little bit early and was in pain until Sunday.



Thursday: Instead of going to the gym, I went to my moms house to mow the lawn. It was good and helped me get much closer to my fitbit points.

Friday: I went swimming outside for the first time in ages, and did a short spurt of laps in the pool. It felt amazing. I don’t know why I always forget that I’m a Pisces and that water is my happy place. I took a lot of work related walks during the day, so my step count was nice and high.

Saturday: I went swimming again, and then went on a walk and a bike ride while babysitting. I ended up with a lovely burn on my back. I met my goal of getting in 10k steps on a weekend day.

Sunday: It is still Sunday and I have mostly been sitting and  keeping an eye on babies. I am planning to go on a hike at Devil’s Lake which I am super looking forward to 🙂

My goals for the next week are to get my FitBit goal every day, get to the gym three times or more, and lift!

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