Weekly Exercise: April 17-23, 2017

I had a bit of a rough week and only made it to the gym twice. I also did not have my fitbit charger so I took it off on Friday and haven’t been able to wear it since.

Monday: Was not able to exercise because I had a doctors appointment. I was hoping to go to the doctor during work but was not able to, so I spent the evening at urgent care.

Tuesday: This was a wonderful evening at the gym. My gym buddies were all there at the same time, including Felicia who doesn’t come to our gym anymore. We went over to the squat rack and built up to 105lb, which was a struggle for me and less than half of what Felicia usually squats. We didn’t have a lot of time but it was nice to get some tips on form and all be together at the same time.

Afterward I went to the biggest loser group workout. It was an hour long and we started off with a pushup/plank challenge. I did 40-something pushups (on knees) and held plank for about 1 minute 30. I hated all of it.

We also did a workout that was very different from usual – we worked in pairs and while one person did one exercise for a certain number of reps, the other person had to do another exercise. I personally hate this because I am always one of the slowest and feel so guilty for making the other person exercise longer than everyone else. At this point I don’t remember all of the specifics but we did do some bicep curls that had my arms hurting for days afterward.

Wednesday: Spin class. I felt like dying, as usual, but made it through. I have a tendency to get really emotional on spin class days and I was feeling sad for most of the class. I can’t remember what we did. But I think that I need to go to spin class more often because I have been struggling a lot lately when I get on the bike.

Friday: I didn’t make it to the gym on Friday but I did go for a bike ride and play in the park with some of the kids I watch. I let the oldest lead the way and she took us a little further than I would have preferred, but I suppose thats what I get for not knowing the neighborhood. At the park we did swinging, tire swings, general running around, and then they taught me how to play cherry bomb. I did not want to play it but I actually really enjoyed it. I did not enjoy how old I felt trying to flip around on the playground and hide from the spry young humans!

Sunday: This was probably my favorite exercise all week. I went to Gray’s Lake park in Des Moines with my basically cousin Sky and her husband. We took her puppers and did a big loop, which came in at 2.2 miles. It was really wonderful because it was super sunny out and we even saw a bald eagle. God bless America.

As of Wednesday I was down 17.8lbs (2 or so from the previous week) but that may not be the same after being in a bad mood the last few days and trip to Iowa to see family.

Did you try anything new for fitness this week? Have any ideas for cool stuff to do in Madison? Let me know!

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