Fitness: Self-Created Workout

Happy Thursday! I recently joined “The Biggest Loser” at my home gym – it’s a three month long training program where we get to work with a personal trainer and small group while trying to meet our fitness and weight loss goals.

I joined the group because I have been working out regularly for the last year and half but my weight has stayed the same. I have a really hard time maintaining healthy eating habits for more than a few days, and my gym trips are the first thing I cancel when I’m not feeling great.

I haven’t lost weight during the group (for a number of reasons, mostly celebratory) but I haven’t gained any either. I have also forced myself to attend every session and have upped my gym attendance overall.

This week, our “homework” for the class is to make a gym routine for ourselves. The routine needs to include cardio, three arm exercises, three core exercises, and three leg exercises. I added a small warm-up into mine.


This is a mixture of activities that I enjoy doing, and activities that I’ve learned over the last couple of months. I tend to ignore my core, so I like that we were required to include core exercises in our workouts.

A couple of notes about the different activities:

Walking warm-up: I like to go on the treadmill and set the speed to 3.3. I tend to walk a lot faster on the treadmill than I do on the track at the gym.

Biceps curls: I like to do alternating reps with 10-12 pound weights.
Rowing: I prefer to use the weighted rowing machine set to the correct weight.
Triceps dips: I usually do these on a workout bench or other chair height surface with no added weight. I weight enough 😉

Crunches: You can do your preferred type of crunch. I prefer standard crunches or bicycle, but there are so many different options available.
Decline crunch: I threw this one in there because I was having a hard time coming up with core exercises. Decline crunches are one of those exercises that look really hard but feel great once you get started.
Plank: The dreaded p-word! I have found that it really helps me to lower one knee at a time if I am having a hard time holding the position. Don’t forget to keep your butt down!

Do your preferred squat. This is a good number of squats for unweighted or lightly weighted. For 3 sets of 25, I would likely grab a 10 pound kettlebell.
Weighted lunges: These are MY ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Whenever I do weighted lunges, my legs hurt for days. However, I suppose its the “good” hurt. I usually grab a 5-10lb kettlebell for each leg and go around the track until it hurts too much.
Standing calf raises: You can do these with/without a machine. Just don’t ignore your little calves!

Stair Master:
15 minutes might feel like forever on the stair master but it is definitely doable. If you can’t do it all at once, try breaking it up into three 5 minute sessions or two 7.5 minute sessions.

If you try out this workout, let me know!

One thought on “Fitness: Self-Created Workout

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for posting this. I tried your workout at the gym today — multitasking because I was watching the Badgers bball game at the same time. I had gotten into a rut of doing the same things at the gym so I wanted to try some new things. Especially at this time of year, when we are near the end of winter, it can get repetitive going to the gym and not being able to mix it up with more outdoor exercise, so the new things in this workout were a welcome change. This is a strenuous all-body workout, although you can easily adjust the difficulty level depending on how much weight you use and what level you set the machines at. For me this would be more of a weekend workout because it’s more time than I would typically spend at the gym on a weekday. Some of the exercises I was unfamiliar with, so I watched a few youtube videos before I went to the gym, and that helped. But if I were to do this workout again I would probably want to do it with a personal trainer, because I think my form was wrong on some of the new exercises I tried. So thanks again for posting this workout, it is appreciated.


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