My Favorite Podcasts: Summer 2016

I have to be honest with you all. Before this year, I really didn’t know what the podcast hype was all about. Sure, I listened to Serial (because who didn’t) and once I listened to a podcast when a friend was a guest, but besides that, I had little to no podcast knowledge. It actually took me several attempts to figure out how to use the Podcasts app and I initially downloaded so many episodes of random podcasts that I had no space left on my phone. Fortunately I was able to work through the struggle and I’ve discovered some real gems.

#3 Stuff Mom Never Told You

I love this podcast because I can really relate to the title. My mom and I have had fairly open communication my entire life (single mom) but we have very different personalities and interests. There have been various moments throughout my life where I have had to have other people (usually via the internet) explain things to me that other young women learn from their mothers. A classic example – during my sophomore year of high school, my face was so dry that my skin was literally flaking off. I couldn’t get it under control and it got worse and worse. Finally a friend noticed and offered me lotion and my face has been flake-free ever since. I’m sure this is a normal situation that occurs and that most people’s parents notice and help the kids find a solution, but my mom a) never noticed and/or b) had no idea how to fix the situation.

While this podcast is much more interesting and better researched than my friends suggestion to put lotion on my face, the general vibe of the podcast really matches how I felt in that situation. I love learning about things that my mom and I never talked about, whether she was uncomfortable, wrong, or just didn’t know much about the topic.

Favorite Episode: It’s really hard to pick a favorite episode of this show because almost every episode is relevant to my life, since I’m, y’know, a woman. One particularly interesting episode was “Librarians” which spends quite a bit of time delving into the fact that Dewey from the Dewey Decimal system was a gross pervert.

#2 Guys We F****d

Literally whats not to love about a podcast called Guys We Fucked? I personally love this podcast because it explores sexuality in such a frank way. The guests on the show talk about their early experiences, current experiences, regrets, and fantasies. It is fascinating to hear about these private moments and thoughts and really goes to show that YOU ARE NORMAL. I AM NORMAL. WE ARE ALL NORMAL. Whatever the story of your sexuality is, it’s completely normal. There is also nothing better than doing data entry at work while listening to an explanation on how drag queens tuck their dicks into their but tholes.

I had an “AHA!” moment recently when I was watching a TV show and thought to myself, “If she hadn’t been such a ho, her best friend would still be alive!” – but then I realized that exploring sex and having your first sexual encounter as a teenager is NORMAL, does not make her a “ho” and that I still personally have a lot of work to do in regards to sexual acceptance.

Favorite Episode: You’ve Given Abortions to Pro-Life Women?? This episode isn’t as sexually explorative as the others, but it does a damn good job of talking about abortion. I highly recommend that you and any anti-choice individuals in your life have a listen.

#1 My Favorite Murder

When I heard about this podcast I was super into the idea, but I deleted all of the episodes from my phone after I tried to listen to it the first time. Why? Because if you start on episode 15, the first thing you hear is 20 minutes of two random girls talking about nothing and its hard to get into. I gave it another shot a few months later and started with episode one, and then I fell in love. This podcast satisfies every inch of my brain. I’m also really interested by the connection that they’ve made on multiple episodes – many of the cold blooded killers that have been referenced had childhood head traumas. I’ll be working really hard to keep the kids I babysit from hitting their heads because I’m not trying to be responsible for someone becoming a serial killer. I also recently shouted a serial killer fact from the podcast across my office, and I’m sure that everyone appreciated learning about that side of my personality.

I still find the chatter a bit annoying, especially when they give away TV show spoilers, but some of it is relevant and they’ve helped me expand my true crime interests. This is definitely my top podcast right now, though I hope they’ll work on cleaning up the structure and presentation a bit!

Favorite Episode: Twenty-Nein This was the first full episode that I listened to and I was hooked right away. The way that John List’s actions were described really stuck with me, and I’ve repeated it to friends and family multiple times. It’s definitely worth a listen.

In addition to my top three, I’m also currently subscribed to: 2 Dope Queens, Dear Sugar, Presidential, Grammar Girl, With Her, Sooo Many White Guys, Anna Faris is Unqualified, & Modern Love.

What are you listening to? What are your favorite podcasts? What do you recommend? Why don’t I have a podcast?


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