Whats in my purse?

Earlier this week my delicious Khloe Kardashian salad leaked into my purse and I finally got around to cleaning it out today. While I was doing that, I got a notification from a friend’s blog that they had posted one of those “Whats in my purse?” posts. While I admit, they’re kind of boring, I’ve also never not looked to see what all my friends have in their purses when they make the posts.

So here we go!


Today I have two books, some makeup and nail products, my wallet, keys, tea, and.. socks!

The After Party by Anton DiSclafani: I finished reading this book about a 1950’s Texas socialite/housewive and her mysterious (shady) best friend just a few minutes ago. It was alright. It was interesting and a quick read, but not necessarily something that I really needed to read. I don’t not recommend it, but I don’t recommend it either.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felica Day: This was the only book available when it was time to leave my house today. I really liked The Guild, and I love the title of this book, but I don’t really have too much of an interest in Felicia Day. We’ll see how it goes.

-Revlon nail polish, nail file, and clippers. Not something that I usually carry, but I wanted to paint my toes today. They’re a cute, bright, summery orange.

Biore Watery Essence Sunscreen: This is a find from the Asian Beauty subreddit. It’s a great, light sunscreen that shouldn’t cause your face to break out. It smells heavenly and I just transferred it to my bag today – that way I can put it on when I know I’ll be out in the sun.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream: This is another Asian Beauty find. It’s a light facial moisturizer made from snail essence. Yes, snail essence is snail slime. It’s fabulous.

-Next is my favorite hair brush, Vera Bradley wallet, and green tea. I also have Sugar lip gloss (one of my all-time faves), Carmex, Nars matte lip color, and a Neutrogena cover up pen. I very rarely use cover-up except in extreme emergencies, and this one has salicylic acid in it which makes me feel better.

So that’s it! Now tell me – what all do you have in your bag?

Unveiling: Blush Vox Box

I was super excited to receive the Blush Vox Box in the mail recently! I’ve been a member of Influenster for a few years but haven’t had a VoxBox for a while. This one came in a beautiful pink box full with a couple of cute quotes on the outside. I certainly appreciate receiving adorable mail full of goodies, especially when it tells me I’m lovely!


Inside the VoxBox I found:
-Pantene expert shampoo and conditioner
Secret clinical strength clear gel
-Ardell lashes
Simple skincare micellar makeup remover wipes

My initial impression? Dang, they must think I need to up my hygiene game.

My second impression? These are some pretty cool products. I have tried clinical deodorant before, but I’m always looking for something stronger, especially now that I’m lifting weights. I am not super happy with my current hair routine, so I’m excited to try a new product. I’ve also been wanting to try false lashes, so I’m definitely looking forward to trying those out. As for the makeup wipes – iffy. My skincare routine is very specific and I’m not sure that I want to try a product I haven’t researched thoroughly myself.

So now I’ve officially unveiled the Blush Vox Box, shared my thoughts, and I’m excited to try out the different products!

Product Review: Elycare Konjac Sponges

One of the steps that I was super excited to add into my skincare routine was the use of a konjac sponge. Before last week, I had previously purchased and used a konjac sponge, but I recently searched multiple stores hoping to find another and left empty-handed. One night while laying in bed, I decided to order this set from Amazon.

The package magically appeared just about 12 hours after I ordered it (Wow, Amazon..) When I got home I opened it up and was really happy with what I had – three konjac sponges (charcoal, green tea, and regular) as well a hook and a thread on each one to help hang it up to dry.


One of the reasons why I’m particularly happy with this set is that my previous konjac sponge didn’t have a string or a hook, so it never properly dried. After a while, it started getting pretty gross. I’m hoping that this set will last longer and work better since they will be able to dry properly.

I used the charcoal konjac sponge almost immediately and was really happy with the product – I don’t think the charcoal aspect of it effects the way that it works at all, but the sponge itself is very gentle yet exfoliating and makes me feel like I’m getting a deep clean. I have been using it during my second cleanse with Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash.

I can’t attribute it directly to the addition of the konjac sponge to my routine (or any of the other items that I’ve been using) but my skin seems to be breaking out less and doing better in general. My face also feels super clean after use and these sponges work better than any other material or item I’ve used during cleansing in the past. I highly recommend adding konjac sponges to your skincare routine.