Low Carb Week One

There is something about the third week of May that rejuvenates my interest in diet/exercise and gives me the motivation that I need to stick with whatever plan I’m into. It is probably a remnant of being a student from six years and considering this week to be the first official week of summer.

Last weekend I visited one of my dearest friends up in Superior, Wisconsin and watched her graduate. It was amazing. I totally loved Superior, especially the delicious booze and $4 hamburgers. I didn’t eat healthy, but I didn’t eat any worse than I do during weekends at home. When I got home I was super eager to get started on low carb eating and made sure to do some healthy shopping.


When I eat low carb I like to focus primarily on eggs, meats and green veggies. I add cheese in for snacks. My new recipe this week was roasted mushrooms with mozzarella – super super tasty.

On Saturday, I let my eating slip. I didn’t have the chance to eat earlier in the day so I was super hungry by mid-afternoon. I had chili with pasta, and then got an oreo latte. While I was babysitting, I drank a soda (my first in two weeks!!!! eek) and ate a few slices of pizza.

It was hard to overcome the urge to get shit food today, but I did it and had a delicious salad at panera. I’m about to head to the grocery store and get some more yummy treats for the week ahead.

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