Lifting for Dummies

This week I lifted for the first, second and third times. It was quite the experience.

Day 1: After attending my first pilates class, I ventured into the women’s only gym to try out lifting. I was disappointed that the Princeton Club does not have a bar/weight lifting equipment for women, and ended up using barbells. I went through everything with between 25-50 pounds and enjoyed it, but realized that I was going to need to lift somewhere else and probably find someone to lift with.


The next day I went on reddit to seek out a lifting buddy at my gym. I got a message from another woman who is my age, and we made plans to meet up Thursday after work. I was really happy with the responses to the thread (though most were through private message) and its cool to know that there are other people at my gym who are looking for workout buddies!

Day 2: I got SUPER nervous when it was time to meet up with the woman from Reddit! I have met a ton of people from the internet but I still get nervous every time. I psyched myself up and finally send the, “I’m in the bright green shirt” text and she came to find me. Fortunately, she was super nice and normal and in AMAZING shape. I was totally impress with her thighs. I have genuinely never seen muscles like that in real life.

We went to a rack (I didn’t even know a rack was a thing at this point – super newb) and did squats, overhead press, and dead lifts. It was a lot of learning. I definitely have a hard time not hunching my shoulders, likely due to my boob weight drawing them forward for years. I am going to need to do some separate exercises to strengthen my back muscles.

We had a great time, I learned a lot, and I’m definitely looking forward to working out with her in the future.

Day 3: I planned to make it to yoga class and then to a cardio class, and then come back to do weights in the afternoon. Unfortunately I slept through yoga, woke up in time for cardio but remembered that no one usually shows up for it. I decided to do some warm-up cardio and lifting instead. I had a really hard time because the rack that we used the other day was taken, so I had to wander through the gym looking for equipment. I felt really nervous and uncomfortable, especially since everyone else was super buff and clearly knew what they were doing / what equipment to use. I managed to get everything done (squats, bench press, front row) but realized later that I did the squats with the bar in front instead of on my shoulders. Oh well.

I did take this really great picture of my boobs that I’m in love with.


Conclusion: I like weight lifting. I’m a bit sore and apparently there are muscles in my butt that I never knew about, but I already feel stronger and healthier, and I feel like my posture has improved. I’m excited to get back to the gym on Monday with my new workout buddy and work on my form.

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